We have had a great start to the slushy rollout!! Here is some information: 

1) Students can not use lunch accounts for the slushy. 

2) Students can now use their Ice Cream account. 

3) Reminder Ice Cream accounts will run out of money sooner since slushy is $2. Students can ask at the window how much money is left in their accounts 

4) Students are only allowed one slushy. If being sold during Ice Cream days they can choose between a Ice Cream or a slushy but can only get one. 

5) On Ice Cream days we will sell what was left from the last slushy day. We will rotate between lunches so every lunch gets a chance to have a choice of a slushy. This past Tuesday we were able to do all three lunches so next ice cream day we will start again with the first lunch. 

Our next slushy day is March 20th!!!